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ABF unanimously approves a proposal at FIAF meeting

Ibero-American franchising will sign a joint declaration against the decision of the Brazilian STJ in the process that characterizes Franchising Agreement as of Adhesion.

March 24, 2017.

ABF aprueba por unanimidad propuesta en reunión de FIAFRepresentatives of associations present in Guatemala: unanimous approval of ABF’s proposal

The member associations of the Ibero-American Franchising Federation (FIAF) met in Guatemala City, the capital of the country, on March 6. Responsible for the Legal and Communication Secretariat of the Federation, ABF was represented by the legal manager of the entity, Mr. Valerio Travain. In addition to Brazil and the host Guatemala, representatives from Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela were present.

Proposed by ABF during the meeting, it was unanimously approved that a joint declaration shall be issued against the decision of the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice (STJ) in the process that characterizes franchising contracts as adhesion agreements. “Our proposal was approved previously in the WFC [World Franchise Council] and now in FIAF, which will formalize the Ibero-American positioning of the sector against this decision,” celebrates Travain.

As for the communication area, ABF suggested implementations in the content of the FIAF website to make it more complete and informative. According to Travain, the idea is to update the site with information about fairs organized in the member countries, legal information, such as local franchising legislation, and related information.

As a way to democratize the information through FIAF and offer one more benefit to the member countries, the general secretariat of the entity, led by Mexico, proposed the creation of an Ibero-American Symposium on Franchising through videoconference. In order to enable the virtual meeting, a web-based platform with restricted access to the members of the entities linked to FIAF would be created through a login and password. “The goal is to make the exchange of information between FIAF member countries more efficient and shared with their associates,” explains the Legal Manager of ABF. The initial proposal is that 20 to 30 annual meetings shall be held through videoconference, so that the participants speak on topics of interest of the industry in the Ibero-American context. The next FIAF meeting will be held in Valencia (Spain) in October.

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